Championship Clubs Statements

The Championship Clubs have recently been issued with a deadline by the RFU to accept certain terms or effectively be removed from the current professional game structure.

After nearly two years of discussion, which have been characterised by the RFU agreeing positions, sometimes unilaterally or in separate negotiations on the Professional Game Partnership (PGP) – from which we have been excluded – we have now been presented with a proposition which we cannot accept as to do so would risk potential bankruptcy for Championship clubs and would also further isolate the Premiership to the detriment of the game in England.

Like anyone who wants to see the game grow, we need to challenge the current RFU position.

To be clear, we have always aspired towards a new Tier 2 league as part of a whole-game solution, but this can only work if there is appropriate governance, a credible and equitable approach to promotion and relegation, and a funding model which will support growth and sustainability.

At present, we are far from that…..

Please take the time to read the full statement here 

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