The Memorial Game 18th May 3pm

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The first memorial game at Ealing Rugby Club took place on Sunday 11th October 1981 in memory of club player Martin Armstrong. Martin, having been injured whilst playing for the Ealing 1st XV on 28th March 1981, succumbed to his injuries on 20th April 1981. Martin’s obituary, and other information, can be found HERE.

Almost twenty-five years years passed before another memorial game took place in memory of Alexis Dodin. Alexis was a stalwart player for the Exiles up to his departure in March 2006 when he moved to live in Argentina. Alexis died in a tragic skiing accident in March 2007 and a memorial game was played in May 2008. This memorial also included Tom Press who was the son of Exiles player Andy Press. Sadly Tom was only 11 years old when he passed on after a long spell of illness.

Alexis’ obituary, and other information, can be found HERE.

A few years later Damian Bugeja, long term player, Minis and Youth Section Chairman, Club Chairman and Life Member, passed away on Wednesday 12th May 2010 after a long illness. Damian’s obituary, and other information, can be found HERE.

A memorial game for Damian took place on Saturday 21st May 2010. Ealing Exiles, and guests, played against Ealing Evergreens, and guests, and The Damian Bugeja Memorial Cup was awarded for the first time. Whilst the Cup bears Damian’s name, it is a tribute to all past players and members, and over time it has become known as “The Memorial Game”.

The Memorial Game, competing for the Bugeja Memorial Cup, has taken place each May since 2010.

There is a growing list of obituaries of many players and members recorded HERE This list is being slowly increased as we discover old records and, sadly, as players and members pass on.


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